Slovenian Summer Academy of Music

Welcome dear fellow Musician! The Academy organizes master classes and concerts for more then eight years already. It started as Vila Bled Music Forum and Benjamin Izmajlov along with Alexander Kagan were its founders. Since then, lots of world known musicians had given lectures and concerts (N. Gutman, M. Yashvili, R. Simovich, G. Aybulus, A. Buzlov, A. Kagan etc.). It was led by Benjamin Izmajlov, violnist and professor as well. We have therefore grown up. Because of the ever growing demand for classes and concert halls, we've moved to the neraby beautiful town of Radovljica with its majestic Baroque Mansion where the Music school is located. We invited also a new professor, the russian Opera singer Ljuba Kazarnovskaya and with great success established The Slovenian Summer Academy of music in 2012. Along with many other internationally know professors are music family is growing every year! read more...

Programme 12.7. - 25.7.2014

of the Composer's home in Moscow
Programme 21.7. - 3.8.2014

The city of Radovljica, pristine sweetness


The town of Radovljica has the largest number of sunny days in the Gorenjska region. The magnificent medieval Old Town of Radovljica, its numerous museums, galleries, festivals and events, the exquisite cuisine on offer in its traditional inns, and the outstanding opportunities available for sport and recreation are all reasons to visit this charming town that sits atop a pier above the Sava river.
The centre of the Old Town is completely dominated by the imposing Grashchina ("Mansion" or Thurn Manor) at Linhartov trg 1. Originally a castle belonging to the Ortenburgs, the structure was rebuilt following the earthquake in 1511 by the building's then-tenant Count Dietrichstein. A century later the Grashchina was farther expanded by the Counts of Thurn-Valsassina.

During the Academy, our participants / musicians have the opportunity to perform almost every day in differnet concerts we organize in Radovljica and other cities nearby. It is our belief that good musicians have to have the possibilty to test themselves infront of the public.

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